Farm to School Farms

Farm to School Farms
Did you know that Minneapolis Public Schools sources fresh, local produce from small and mid-sized growers who are committed to sustainable practices to provide a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for our school meals?
Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) started our Farm to School program in 2013, and five years later we are partnering with 13 small to medium sized farms and farmer cooperatives to source nearly 40 varieties of produce for our school meals. Our partner farms are located within 250 miles of the Twin Cities and use sustainable or certified organic practices. We select our partner farms through a competitive bidding process each winter using our Farm to School Fresh Produce Request for Proposal (RFP).  
Interested in learning more about our Farm to School Program or the process for becoming a partner farmer? Please email Kate Seybold, Farm to School Coordinator.

2018-2019 Farm to School Partner Farms

For the 2018-2019 school year, MPS is buying almost 40 different varieties of vegetables and fruits from 13 farms and farm cooperatives in the region. Please see the map below for partner farm details.