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Arrival and Dismissal
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Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal


Enhancing Safety at Student Arrival and Dismissal

Geography: School Site

  • Separate bus arrival from family drop-off/pick-up and from walkers/bikers arrival/exit areas.
  • Clearly mark family drop-off/pick-up areas.
  • Post Safety Patrol members on corners adjacent to school.
  • On busy or dangerous intersections post adult volunteers.

Geography: Surrounding City Areas

  • City parking signage supports school needs.
  • Fire zones are maintained free of cars/buses at all times.
  • Post Safety Patrol Members a block out from school.
  • On busy or dangerous intersections, post adult volunteers.

Communication to Families

  • Tell families frequently about locations and procedures for student drop-off/pick-up and walk/bike routes.
  • Provide arrival/dismissal information to families in the parent handbook and on the school website.
  • Translate information into languages used within the school community.
  • Provide walk/bike maps of suggested routes and encourage walking to school.
  • Remind families frequently, especially families who drive, about arrival and dismissal rules and procedures for keeping students safe.
  • Remind families frequently about positive behavior expectations for bus behavior and encourage them to reinforce the expectations with their students.

School Staff Action

  • School leadership and staff are visible outside during arrival and dismissal.
  • Staff greet students at each entry and departure door.
  • Staff reinforce the arrival and dismissal rules and safety procendures. 
  • Staff accompany elementary and middle school students to the buses.
  • For pre-K to first grade students, staff check students’ bus tags against current electronic route copy.
  • Staff members know how to help load buses safely and remind students of positive expectations for bus behavior.
  • Staff members know walk/bike routes and encourage active commuting.