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Bus Stop & Walk
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Bus Stop & Walk

Bus Stop & Walk
"Some kids in my school don't get a chance to be active. I hear student talk about how they love the outdoors and they don't get to be outside as much as they want to be. Minnehaha Mondays lets us be outside and be active." - Claire, student
"Children remember experiences. The students of Northrop will remember the walk to school along the creek and through the neighborhood with their classmates and friends long after they leave this place." - Ray Aponte, principal

Bus Stop & Walk

Bus Stop & Walk is an innovative strategy that allows many more children to experience the joys and reap the benefits of walking to school. Quite simply, in a Bus Stop & Walk, school buses unload the children away from school and the children walk along a designated route to school with classmates, staff and volunteers. Students, staff and parents overwhelmingly support the program. According to one principal, "The children love starting the day with a healthy dose of friendship, nature and exercise. Teachers have commented on the difference in the classroom." One fifth grade student agrees: "On most mornings kids are drowsy and cranky, but Minnehaha Mondays is a chance to start fresh! Students are more focused, happier, and just plain nice!"In the year-end survey of Bus Stop & Walk schools, 97% of staff reported that on the days of the Bus Stop & Walk, students arrived to school MORE ALERT and READY to LEARN!  (See full survey results.)
While Minnehaha Mondays at Northrop (and St. Helena) was the first, there are now Bus Stop and Walks at several more MPS schools. Here are some examples:

Watch the Bus Stop & Walk in action in these School Matters videos:

Contact MPS SRTS for more information about starting a Bus Stop & Walk at your school, jennifer.bordon@mpls.k12.mn.us, 612-668-2827.