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Education Farm
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Education Farm

Education Farm

Visit the CWS Education Farm

The new CWS Education Farm, located at the MPS Culinary Center in North Minneapolis (812 Plymouth Avenue North), is a field trip destination for MPS students to build lifelong food knowledge and skills. With emphasis on the Farm to School Fabulous Five--kale, squash, radish, kohlrabi, and legumes--students will experience the joy of planting, caring for, harvesting, and preparing their own food. Fields trips combine hands-on gardening with STEAM curricular connections, pollinator education through on-site bee hives, nutrition lessons, culinary activities, and vegetable tasting. 

Features of the CWS Education Farm:

  • 2500 sq ft garden + raised garden beds
  • Outdoor classroom space
  • Produce prep station and mobile cooking cart 
  • Self-guided garden activities
  • Bee hives
  • Hydroponic tower garden
  • Tours of MPS Culinary Center
  • Located on bike lane and bus route
For more information about the CWS Education Farm, please contact Divine Islam, MPS School Gardener.

Farm to School Fabulous Five

With support from a 2020 USDA Farm to School Grant, MPS Culinary & Wellness Services is expanding our Farm to School educational programming to deepen student understanding of the agricultural food system, the components of healthy eating, and the importance of local foods. Using the Farm to School Fabulous Five, we are building educational connections between our cafeterias, school gardens, and the new MPS Education Farm at our Culinary Center to provide students with integrated and experiential food education. What are the Farm to School Fabulous Five? They are five crops that grow well in Minnesota, are served in MPS cafeterias, and provide endless learning opportunities for students.

Kale | Kohlrabi | Legumes | Radishes | Squash

MPS CWS is developing education experiences and resources for students to plant, grow, harvest, learn about,  taste, and cook the Fabulous Five. Students across MPS can discover and experience the Fabulous Five whether they are in a classroom, out in a school garden, eating in a cafeteria, or visiting the MPS Education Farm!