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Fresh Fruit & Vegetable
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Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) is a federal grant program that provides fresh fruit or vegetable snacks to students in the classroom at qualifying K-5 and K-8 schools. It’s a great way to get students excited about eating healthy and trying new fruits & vegetables. 
Twenty-four MPS schools participate in the 2020-2021 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. MPS Culinary & Wellness Services serves fresh fruit and vegetable snacks to students at participating schools Tuesday-Friday. Each month, the FFVP menu features a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to provide students the opportunity to try and learn about new foods. 

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program: June 2021

FFVP will run through the last day of school, June 11. This month's FFVP menu features a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables - including items items that will keep students hydrated and healthy as we head into summer! 

June FFVP Menu & Newsletter

Refresh Yourself! 

Did you know that most fruits and vegetables contain about 90% water? The water from fresh fruits and vegetables helps you reach a daily goal of 60-80 fluid ounces per day (about 4-5 times a standard water bottle). All that water does important tasks in your body like transporting nutrients, maintaining your body temperature, and helping you think clearly. As we head into summer, remember to eat and drink enough water to keep your body hydrated & healthy!

Watermelon originated in the deserts of southern Africa as a drought-tolerant plant valued for its ability to store water for tribes crossing the Kalahari Desert. At 92% water, watermelon is a juicy way to hydrate, and it provides a healthy dose of lycopene, an antioxidant that helps maintain healthy skin. Other nutrients in watermelon support heart health: magnesium to keep the heartbeat steady and phosphorus to help the heart’s electrical activity.

Radishes are crunchy root vegetables with a peppery bite. They vary in size, color, and shape with round red radishes being the most common variety in the United States. Radishes are a good source of potassium for your circulatory system and phytonutrients for your immune system, and they are 95% water! The radishes you are tasting come from a local farm, so we know they are refreshingly crisp!

Mangos were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago! Mangos can be green, yellow, orange, or red on the outside. The skin color depends on the variety, amount of sun exposure, and the region in which it was grown. They are a great source of beta carotene which turns into Vitamin A to support healthy eyes and build strong bones and teeth. Mangoes are packed with 83% water making them a sweet and succulent treat.
June FFVP Slide Deck - Daily slides with information and fun facts about each day's FFVP item 

Additional Educational Resources

Education is an important part of the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program (FFVP) and snacks can be easily connected to everyday classroom lessons to enhance student learning!

Additional Program Information


Please contact Kate Seybold, Farm to School Coordinator, for more information.