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Great Lakes Apple Crunch
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Great Lakes Apple Crunch

Great Lakes Apple Crunch

Great Lakes Apple Crunch - October 5-9

The Great Lakes Great Apple CRUNCH is an regional event held each October to celebrate National Farm to School Month. Schools, univerisities, businesses, and families across the Great Lakes Region collectively CRUNCH into local apples! Normally, MPS would celebrate the Great Lakes Apple Crunch in our cafeterias and classrooms. But this year, we are inviting MPS schools and families to celebrate with us from home! 

The Great Lakes regional crunch event is happening on October 8th at NOON, but MPS is inviting students, staff and families to crunch anytime during the week of October 5-9. MPS Culinary & Wellness Services will provide local apples in school meal boxes that week so all students can participate in the Great Lakes Apple Crunch. 


Crunch into local apples by doing an Apple Crunch Countdown! It's as easy as it sounds -- start a count down and end it by CRUNCHING into a local apple! Here are ways that MPS schools and families can conduct Apple Crunch Countdowns during distance learning: 


As a school -- School communities can host a virtual, school-wide event for students, staff, and families to all crunch together!  This could be at noon on October 8th (when other folks around the region when will be crunching) or at another time that is convenient for your school (ie.  morning/afternoon break or end of school day). 

As a class -- Individual classes can do a virtual CRUNCH countdown together via seesaw, Google meets or Google classroom. Pick a time that fits with your class schedule to do your CRUNCH, or coordinate with other classes at your school to all crunch at the same time! Click here for more information and ideas for planning a virtual, school-wide CRUNCH!

As a family -- Celebrate with family members at home whenever is convenient.  

On your own! -- All it takes is one person and an apple to make a crunch countdown happen!


PDF Minnesota K-12 Great Lakes Apple Crunch Guide   --  Guide and resources for conducting the Great Lakes Apple Crunch at a K-12 school.