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Healthy Celebrations & Rewards
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Healthy Celebrations & Rewards

Healthy Celebrations & Rewards

Celebrations with students and staff is an important part of the school environment. 

Five Steps to Healthier Celebrations

1. Review the updated MPS wellness policy on guidance on healthy celebrations. The current policy is an important tool for implementing change at your school.

2. Explore the resources on the sidebar, there are several alternatives for healthy celebrations.

  • Give the birthday student a special shirt or sash, give a shout-out on the morning announcement or during class, or have them select music to play during study time
  • Classroom dance party
  • Work with the physical education teacher to create an environment for extra 'free play', extra recess or an obstacle course for students
  • Develop a scavenger hunt
  • Plan a themed party

3. Engage the students! Provide an opportunity for students to give input on types of celebrations they would like to see. 

4. Clear communication of the celebration policy to everyone -- staff, students, parents, and community members.

  • Parent newsletters
  • Student newspapers
  • School websites
  • Open house events, orientation, parent-teacher conferences

5. Seek support

  • Use resources available to you (sidebar)
  • Invite Culinary and Wellness team members to come to speak at school events, PTA/O meetings, or staff meetings


Information was adapted from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation website