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Culinary & Wellness Services
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Culinary & Wellness Services

Culinary & Wellness Services
October is Farm to School Month
Our mission in MPS Culinary & Wellness Services is to nurture all students through access to quality food and active living. 
Our commitment to True Food means we serve food made from scratch with whole ingredients that support the long-term health of our students - physically, mentally, and academically. We work with local chefs to create recipes that are tasty and rooted in our community and we push the entire school food system to adopt our high standards for ingredients. We also support our regional food system, community, and environment by consciously seeking sustainable food sources, investing in small and local farms, and purchasing from local businesses.
We also focus on student wellness, partnering with staff, students, families, and community to set students on the path to full, happy, healthy lives. Our commitment to active living means students get opportunities to walk, bike, roll and be active throughout the school day. It also means opportunities for nutrition education that help students make connections between what they eat and how they feel. In school gardens and at our Education Farm, it means students experience the local food system up close and eat vegetables in all their glory. Together with our many partners, we seek to create a school environment where students are empowered to become their very best selves.
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