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Harvest of the Month
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Harvest of the Month

Harvest of the Month
Every day, Minneapolis Public Schools’ Farm to School program brings fresh, local produce from farmers to the cafeteria.
Harvest of the Month highlights seasonal items and the farmers who grow and produce them. The goal of the Harvest of the Month program is to help our students build connections to local, healthy food while promoting Farm to School items that are offered in our school cafeterias. Students will have the opportunity to try the Harvest of the Month item in a variety of ways! Depending on the season, Harvest of the Month items might be served on our lunch menus, offered to participating FFVP sites, or featured in other creative ways to encourage students to explore local, fresh produce! 

Spring Harvest of the Month Items

Grown by Revol Greens in Owatonna, Minnesota
Spring is the perfect time to try leafy green vegetables! Early lettuce and baby salad greens are spring crops that Minnesota farmers can grow inside greenhouses while the snow melts outside. Students will enjoy a variety of leafy greens, from lettuce to kale to cabbage, grown by local MN farmers.
Fun Fact: Revol Greens applies advanced growing methods and greenhouse technology to use UV sterilized rainwater and snowmelt from their roof for irrigation along with natural sunlight for growing freens all year round.
Classroom Resource: Introduce your students to hyper-local food by requesting a toolkit to grow, harvest, and taste microgreens in your classroom! Kits are available first come, first served, one per classroom. Includes growing materials, growing and harvesting instructions, and a lesson plan to help students learn about microgreens.