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Harvest of the Month
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Harvest of the Month

Harvest of the Month
Every day, Minneapolis Public Schools’ Farm to School program brings fresh, local produce from farmers to the cafeteria.
Harvest of the Month highlights different Farm to School items for the Fall months and the farmers who grow them. The goal of the Harvest of the Month program is to help our students build connections to local, healthy food while promoting Farm to School items that are offered in our school cafeterias. Students will have the opportunity to try the Harvest of the Month item in a variety of ways! Depending on the month, The Harvest of the Month item might be served on our lunch menus, offered to participating FFVP sites, or featured in other creative ways to encourage students to explore local, fresh produce! 

Fall Harvest of the Month Produce

In Fall 2021, MPS Culinary & Wellness Services will be featuring three Harvest of the Month items from locally grown farms here in Minnesota!
Grown by Minnesota Harvest Orchard in Jordan, Minnesota
Whether they are enjoyed as a sweet snack or a savory slaw, apples are a great way to add fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants to a meal. Students have the opportunity to taste a variety of apples from Minnesota Harvest Orchard in Jordan, Minnesota - just forty miles away from the Twin Cities.
Fun Fact: The Honeycrisp apple, a variety developed at the University of Minnesota, is our state fruit!
Grown by L&R Produce in Kenyon, MN, Seeds Farm in Northfield, MN & Pearson Organics in Lake City, MN
The arrival of colder weather means starting to dig into some of our Farm to School storage crops (items that can be harvested and stored for longer, while still maintaining their flavor and freshness). Students will enjoy a variety of squash, from delicata to butternut, grown by L&R Produce and Seeds Farm.
Wild Rice
We’ll look for ways to buy it from another farm or business in our area.
Wild rice, named “manoomin” (pronounced mah-NO-min) in the Ojibwe language, is native to North America and grows predominantly in the Great Lakes Region. Wild rice grows in streams, rivers or lakes and prefers shallow water with a slow current. Minnesota harvests nearly 4 - 6.5 million pounds of wild rice per year, nearly 99% of the rice harvested globally comes from Minnesota and California.
Fun Fact: Northern wild rice is the state grain of Minnesota!

Educational Resources

Harvest of the Month is an opportunity for students to learn about Minnesota food and farmers—in the cafeteria and the classroom! Here are some education resources that highlight Fall Harvest of the Month items:
Virtual Farm Field Trip!  Visit Deer Lake Orchards to meet the farmer, learn about the farm and tour their farm! This opportunity is hosted by MN Ag in the Classroom. 
Apple Activities - a collection of activities, reading resources, and interactive lessons from National Agriculture in the Classroom
Apple Science Lesson (Grades 3-5) - from Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom 
Apples - How Does it Grow? - a short video from True Food TV
MPS Red Rice Salad with Apple - Math & Science Lesson
Winter Squash Activities (K-4) - from New Hampshire Harvest of the Month
Squash Coloring Sheet - from Poughkeepsie Farm Project
Three Sisters Garden Activity - from National Agriculture in the Classroom
Wild Rice