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In-Person Dining
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In-Person Dining

In-Person Dining
In-Person School Menus Special Diet Accommodations During Distance Learning
When children return to school this February, all students are invited to eat breakfast and lunch at school every day at no cost. Our meals are safe, convenient, and delicious. We also take great care to ensure that they meet our high standards for nutrition, taste, and quality ingredients. Our True Food approach means children receive whole foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, whole grains, and dairy. Parents and caregivers can feel secure knowing their children will receive the nutritious, True Food meals they love served by nurturing staff who put each child’s safety first.

Some safety measures we are taking:

  • No pins needed--all meals are free. We have temporarily eliminated the need for pin numbers, reducing potential for contact. 
  • Individually wrapped items and packaged meals. It’s the same great food families have come to expect, packaged individually for safety
  • No sharing of food, including no share tables. New--students can take any of their own unopened food home for eating later.
  • Contact-free hydration stations at all schools! Water fountains will be closed but every school has a hydration station for refilling water bottles. 
  • Staff will be wearing masks, gloves, and following all safety procedures.
  • School principals have created safety plans to maintain social distancing while eating. Every school’s plan is a little different so connect with your school for more information.

Prepare your child for eating at school:

  • Review the menu and let your child know to take milk only if they plan to drink it.
  • Send your child to school each day with a filled water bottle. Cups will be available at school for students who forget their water bottle.
  • Review MPS’ waste disposal guide to learn how to sort trash, recycling, and organics for common menu items. Schools will be following these waste-reduction practices. Remind your child they can put unopened food items or whole fruit in their backpacks.
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