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MPS Teacher Resources for Bike Fun!

MPS Teacher Resources for Bike Fun!

Walk! Bike! Fun! full curriculum

Family Letter and MPS Permission Slip    ENGLISH   HMONG   SOMALI   SPANISH

Off-campus bicycle ride checklist

Bicycle First Aid 

Bike Fun! video and handout links for each lesson. 


Video:  Bike Safe Bike Smart (youtube):

 Alternate--High school aged video: Bicycle Safer Journey:

(OPTIONAL First Gear Videos:

Handout: Bicycle pre-test

Additional Resource: Minnesota Bicycle Laws


Video: Helmet Fit

Handout: Helmet Fit: Step-by-Step Guide

Handout: The Brain


Video: ABC quick check

Handout: ABC Quick Check

Handout: Bicycle Anatomy Quiz


Video: How to Fix a Flat:

Video: Park Tool How to Fix a Flat:

Handout: How to Fix a Flat 


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