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School Gardens

School Gardens
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Did you know that MPS has over 30 school gardens in our district?
School gardens are a fantastic way to bring more hands-on learning to Minneapolis schools! The gardens serve as a fun and exciting place to bring what kids are learning in their classrooms and translate it into tangible experiences. The gardens also provide schools with a great resource for teaching agriculture and nutrition education.
No two gardens are the same! Schools are able to tailor their gardens to meet the needs of their students, staff, and community. Are you interested in learning more about MPS school gardens? Send us an email
Roosevelt High School does an amazing job of involving their school and community in their gardens! Roosevelt partners with SPARK-Y to teach students how to grow greens and herbs from aquaponics systems. In fact, this year, Roosevelt introduced a new elective course focused on aquaponics and green houses. Roosevelt also worked with their shop class to build greenhouses for the garden. To manage and harvest the garden, Roosevelt established the RUF (R
oosevelt Urban Farming) Squad, an after school club meeting every Thursday. 


GARDEN TO CAFETERIA SITES, 2018 - 19 School Year

10 schools are gearing up to be apart of the Garden to Cafeteria program for the upcoming school year. The sites include Howe Elementary, Anthoy Middle, Northeast Middle, Roosevelt High, Edison High, South High, North High, Lyndale Elementary, Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary and Anwatin Middle.  


The Garden Out Front