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Special Dietary Needs
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Special Dietary Needs

Special Dietary Needs

Requesting Special Diet Accommodations

For the Culinary & Wellness Services Department to process your request for special diet accommodations, a signed Special Diet Medical Statement must be provided. This documentation must be signed by a licensed Physician, Physician’s Assistant, or Advanced Practice Nurse such as a nurse practitioner. (Note that this does not include Chiropractors, Dietitians, or Health Coaches.) Review the following steps to ensure your request can be processed in a timely manner.
  1. Licensed medical professional diagnoses an allergen or special dietary need.
    • Please note that MPS Culinary & Wellness Services is not required to accommodate special dietary requests that do not constitute a disability, including requests related to religious or moral convictions or personal preference. If these requests are accommodated, all USDA meal pattern and nutrient requirements must be met.
    • According to the ADA Amendments Act, most physical and mental impairments that substantially limit or affect one or more major life activities or bodily functions—including digestive functions, immune system, and neurological functions—will constitute a disability.
  2. Parent/Guardian obtains the Special Diet Medical Statement form—available online, Health Office, or via Kitchen Coordinator for new dietary needs. The medical statement must include what food or allergen should be avoided, a brief explanation for how exposure to the food affects the child, and foods to be substituted.
  3. Parent/Guardian completes Participant Information section prior to providing the form for completion by a medical professional. Parent/Guardian may complete Voluntary Authorization section if desired.
  4. Licensed medical professional completes Required Information: Dietary Accommodation, Additional Information, and Signature sections.
  5. Parent ensures the completed form is sent to the Health Office at child’s school.
  6. Nurse emails or mails the form to the Dietitian at the Culinary and Wellness Services Center.
  7. Dietitian reviews the form for completion and contacts parent/guardian, medical professional, and/or nurse with questions as needed.
  8. Dietitian sends an email to the Kitchen Coordinator and Health Office approving the special diet request along with instructions for accommodating the diet.
  9. Kitchen Coordinator begins ordering food to fulfill the special diet request. It may take up to 5 days to receive special diet orders. Please provide meals or snacks for your student during this initial time period.
  10. Parent/Guardian is responsible for providing a new special diet statement if there are any updates or changes to current dietary forms on file. It is not necessary to provide a new special diet statement every school year if there are no dietary changes.

504 Notice of Rights

Please review the process for requesting special diet accommodations for additional details. Completed forms can be returned to your school food service coordinator, school nurse, or directly to MPS Culinary & Wellness Services (attn: Dietitian).

If there are any questions or concerns regarding special diet accommodations for students, please contact our Registered Dietitian.