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Safe Routes to School
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Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School

2021-2022 Walk, Bike & Roll to School Days

Winter: Walk & Roll Day: Wednesday, February 2 ~~ REGISTER NOW

In Minnesota, when the weather outside is frightful, we put on our hats, gloves and jackets and get ready to have some fun. Minnesota Safe Routes to School’s 5th annual Winter Walk to School Day is Feb. 2 and it’s a celebration of walking, biking and playing in the coldest and snowiest days of winter. The idea is simple: go for a walk for at least 15 minutes and don’t let the cold scare you off. Celebrations can start small or include the entire school – just do something!
Check out all the Winter Walk to School Day resources on the recently updated Minnesota SRTS Resource Center. They've got social media posts, flyers, post cards, frequent walker punch cards, and sticker templates for you to use! Contact Jennifer.Bordon@mpls.k12.mn.us anytime for assistance. 
REGISTER HERE by Jan. 21, 2022 and MnDOT Safe Routes to School will support your efforts with materials and incentives to get your school moving.


Save the Date--Spring: Bike (Walk & Roll) Day: Wednesday, May 4. Join us for the Let's Roll MPS in the afternoon. Celebrate MPS Spring Wellness Week all week long. 



Fall: Walk (Bike & Roll) to School Day, October 6, 2021. Thirty-five schools across MPS celebrated (scroll down), including this amazing event at Hmong International Academy

Walk, Bike & Roll to School

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Walking, biking, and rolling gives you brain benefits that will make it easier to concentrate once you get to school, and you will get the happiness boost from exercise and being outdoors.  Active commuting to school rather than driving is one way to reduce traffic congestion at your school and can also save almost 100 pounds of CO2 emissions per person per year. Here are some tips to help make your active commute safe and fun:

Choosing Your Route

The best routes are lower-volume streets that have supporting infrastructure like stop signs or lights at intersections, sidewalks for walking and rolling, or bike lanes for biking. The City of Minneapolis Walking Routes for Youth may be helpful for planning your route (scroll down to find all the versions of the map). Test the route on a non-school day. You’ll discover how long your trip takes and identify any potential hazards along the way.

General Safety

  • Take extra care when you approach intersections, driveways or other busy parts of the roadway. Look left, right and left again before crossing the street. Continue looking in each direction as you cross.
  • Find a friend or two to walk, bike, or roll with you. It’s more fun with friends!
  • Dress for the weather. Consider wearing bright or reflective clothing that will help you to be seen.
  • Be alert. Avoid using your phone or two headphones when walking, biking, and rolling.
  • Follow the Minnesota Department of Health and CDC guildelines for Covid-19 prevention such as mask wearing and social distancing.

Biking Safety

  • If biking, always wear a helmet.
  • Bicyclists must obey motor vehicle laws. That includes yielding to pedestrians, stopping for stop signs, signaling turns and traveling with the flow of traffic. Check out this bike safety video in English or in Spanish
  • Every school has a bike rack. Make sure to remember a lock, and a u-lock is best. Try to lock your bike in a visible, camera-protected area when possible to help deter theft. Here is more information about locking your bicycle.

For Parents




Home Wellness and Safe Routes to School

Family walks and bike rides are great ways to stay active and de-stress during the COVID-19 quarantine. Please see our Walking & Biking guide that will give you ideas for routes, safety tips, and more. You will also find additional resources for healthy eating, sustainability and physical activity at our Home Wellness Resources website. See especially the Wellness Wednesday sidebar for simple, non-technology driven ideas.