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Vending FAQ
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Vending FAQ

Vending FAQ
How do I get a refund if I lose money in a vending machine?
For the fastest and highest quality service, please call the phone number on the vending machine you lost the money in.
What if the product I paid for gets stuck in the machine?
Please call the phone number on the vending machine.
How do I get an empty machine refilled?
How do I get a machine in my school or building?
What types of vending machines are available?
High schools are equipped with combination snack/beverage machines and water machines. Middle schools may have combo machines or ambient snack machines, based on projected sales volumes.
How big are vending machines?
Machines are typically 39 to 44 inches wide and close to 6 feet tall.
What products do you have available in the vending machines?
All student machines are filled with nut free snacks and beverages that meet the USDA SmartSnack Calculator parameters.