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Winter Wellness Week
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Winter Wellness Week

Winter Wellness Week
Winter Wellness Week 2021
Minneapolis Public Schools is planning for its fifth annual WINTER WELLNESS WEEK!
This year it has become apparent that gratitude is not something that finds us, it is something we create. As we begin the new semester, and celebrate Winter Wellness Week, let us continue to cultivate moments of gratitude that already belong to us and share it with others.
Join in the Winter Wellness fun with us! Take a photo, make a poster, or create a video, and use #mpswinterwellness on social media.
Each day you will be presented with opportunities to engage in gratitude -- select one or complete all four activities to support your health during this winter season.
Check your meal box for materials and instructions to create your own wellness zine!

Meaningful Monday

Rest + Restore Restore your body and mind with a mindfulness practice; it can be guided with words, assisted with calming music, or completely silent. Find an option that reflects your needs in the moment. See sidebar for practices.
Green Space Pick a houseplant or go outside and find your favorite tree or bush in your neighborhood. What does it smell like? Does it have any leaves? Did it look different in the summer?
Walk & Bike Everyday Do a little research and then walk to a historical landmark or park near you. What do you notice? How do the past and the present connect?
Food + Meal Connections See how many different colors of food, especially fruits and vegetables, you can eat in one day. Eating a rainbow of foods is good for your physical and mental health.

Terrific Tuesday

Rest + Restore Create a moment of rest in your day by curling up with a great book or completing this writing activity
Green Space Design and draw your dream garden. It might have flowers, bushes of berries, tomatoes and squash vines - fill your garden with color!
Walk & Bike Everyday Be terrific today by shoveling a neighbor’s sidewalk or practicing some other random act of kindness.
Food + Meal Connections Expand your palate by trying a new food! Remember to keep an open mind, and use all your senses to be mindful as you try it.

Wonder-filled Wednesday

Rest + Restore Finding enjoyment is an important part of relaxation. For some, renewal comes from learning; for others, from expressing one's creativity. Take time to engage in an activity that brings you enjoyment today.
Green Space Try shin-rin yoku, the Japanese practice of forest bathing. Find a place where there are trees, in your backyard or at a park. You can walk, try breathing exercises, or simply observe the plants around you. Notice what your senses pick up.
Walk & Bike Everyday Walk to public art near you or create snow art in your yard or nearby park for others to appreciate.
Food + Meal Connections Pick a fruit or vegetable and learn about how it grows! Read about how to plant it in a garden, research it’s life cycle, or watch a video that shows how it’s grown and harvested on farms. What is something interesting you learned?

Thankful Thursday

Rest + Restore Prepare for sleep with these sleep meditations, talks, and music tracks designed to help you let go of the day, experience gratitude, and find deep rest.
Green Space Reflect on all of the ways that plants and nature have impacted your life. Do you have a favorite park you like to go to? A specific tree on your street that you always notice? Write down your thoughts.

Walk & Bike Everyday Take a gratitude walk, paying attention to what you see, hear, smell, and feel and connecting each sense to being thankful.
Food + Meal Connections Set aside time to share a meal together as a family and engage in conversation. Talk through the feelings that you're experiencing or strike up a fun topic that you've perhaps never discussed.

Fun Friday

Rest + Restore Music experiences can create environments for restoration. Create a playlist of your favorite songs or learn more about the basics of creating music with this activity.

Green Space Take a virtual tour of a Minnesota state park. Take time to learn about the history of the area and when and why the park was founded.

Walk & Bike Everyday Celebrate winter in your favorite way or by trying something new. The Minneapolis Park Board has lots of ideas for winter fun.

Food + Meal Connections Try making a new recipe! Look through cookbooks, find a recipe online, or ask a family or friend to share one of their favorite recipes. How did cooking make you feel?

Events & Activities

District-wide Movement

  • Yoga for Stress Relief - Tuesday, Feb 2, 12-12:30pm
    Join Zoom Class
    Meeting ID: 939 4393 6195
    Passcode: Yoga
  • 30-Minute Cardio Dance Break - Thursday, Feb 4, 4-4:30pm
    Join Zoom Class
    Meeting ID: 917 1083 3186
    Passcode: 30MCDBDS

Virtual mini-Birkie

  • Winter is no time to hibernate. Let’s get outside and celebrate the joy of winter in Minnesota. Sign up to participate in our MPS mini-Birke and snow-shoe or ski during Winter Wellness Week. Send a picture of yourself participating and send it wellness@mpls.k12.mn.us so that we can connect virtually together. Sign-up to particpate here.

Staff Scavenger Hunt is BACK! 

  • The ultimate MPS adventure is on in 2021. Gather your colleagues and work together to sleuth out the secret location in Minneapolis. The winning school/team will earn not only Vitality Points but a special wellness prize. Sign up your school here. Email wellness@mpls.k12.mn.us with questions. 
  • Track your progress with this game board